New Song: Prototype

2012-08-02 19:42:59 by AmbientDanny

I've finished the seventh song of "the ambience". I personally think its the best beat i've ever produced lol. anyways check it out! and please give me reviews, i wanna see what people think about my beats. thanks. :)

Click Here for the song.

New Song: Prototype

The Ambience (final remake)

2012-05-31 02:11:05 by AmbientDanny

The final version of The Ambience is out. It's a hip hop/rap remix and is the final remake of the song. The 7th song of "The Ambience" soundtrack will be coming out soon.

The Stratosphere

2011-12-31 22:29:08 by AmbientDanny

I finished the 6th song of The Ambience. It's a mix of hip hop and ambient music. During the last week I have discovered new techniques and sounds that will make my next songs way better so i look forward to the 7th song. Enjoy The Stratosphere!

Before (remake)

2011-12-26 23:28:15 by AmbientDanny

I made a remake of one of my songs called,"Before". It is now shorter and contains new sound effects and hi hat arrangements. Check it out! Vote Review and Enjoy it!


2011-12-04 15:10:52 by AmbientDanny

I was bored so i decided to make a new song called, "360". It is not part of "The Ambience". It is just a song i made for fun. It is a Rap Beat. I might rap in it later but for now enjoy the beat.


Before Completed!

2011-12-03 02:01:28 by AmbientDanny

Yep The 5th Song of "The Ambience" is out! Check it out now! Vote and Review! Only 5 more to go!

New Song

2011-11-26 16:24:10 by AmbientDanny

I will be posting a new song up called "Before" which will be another Ambient Song. I wil be done with it on December. If not then in the beginning of 2012.